Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watch Your Steps

What is the deal  with Justin Ford? I don't see why he would vote the way he did regarding the transfer of school properties. Has he bothered to explain to his constituents why he seems to be supporting the suburbs? Better yet, has anyone even asked him? You better keep an eye on this guy, he might be on the take..He might be the youngest, but that doesn't make him the most untainted. His father had the same seat before he did. His father didn't have a stellar record then. Like father like  son.

Not to be overly critical of this young man but he is making full grown decisions. I have in the past found him not to have a full understanding of the issues. He  has a very limited knowledge of national matters and politics in general. His platform is his family name.He introduced himself to the voters by buying them gas.  Unlike his cousin Ed Ford Jr, whom I don't always agree with,. he isn't very sharp. I am not in his district, but I have been watching him. This isn't the first time he has voted questionably.
Young man watch your steps. Other people are.