Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Are Blacks So Hard On Blacks

The other day I listened to some Black women call in on the radio, and downgrade some other Black sisters based on how they looked. The sad thing is one of the most critical voices in the crowd, was someone who looked just like them herself. It made me wonder is it ingrained in us, to secretly not really like ourselves. I read a study which showed that everyone except adolescent children view teenage White girls as the standard of beauty. We shouldn't find comfort in seeing others who look like us put down, but we do. Can some of us have an inferiority complex hidden in our innermost thoughts? I'm sure everyone has seen or heard about Ms. New York and her mother Ms. Patterson on the hit show "I Love New York." They don't look like Beyonce Knowles or Halle Berry, but they don't look like "Alice The Goon" either.

I assure you none of these women in question would have a problem finding a man. Miss New York had hundreds of men apply for the job, and twenty eventually showed up as contestants on her show. She had men both Black and White to spare. Even her mother Ms. Patterson left the show with one of her daughters rejects on her arm. I don't know if anything actually came of it, but she had him at least for that night. Before you say she was his second choice, he seemed to like her better anyway. That's the main reason New York let him go, he was to concerned with her mother. I think he had his eye's on the cougar from the start. Just to show she didn't look that bad. And for those talking about Fantasia having big lips. Since when has that worked against a "sistah" with an ample set of hips? In fact it raises her stock. I think the biggest drawback for all these women is their lack of virtuosity. On a grand stage compared to all the other women in the world. Of course there will be areas where they might not compare. But every woman isn't for every man, and vice-versa. They all would be a lot better off trying to please just one man. I like Aisha Raison for the above reasons, she's not a beauty queen by universal standards. She does have the ability to be so much more than how she looks. I have heard her talk and I like her conversation. I would have thought she would relate to this personally, but obviously she doesn't. Why are Blacks so hard on other Blacks?


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