Sunday, August 09, 2009

Heat Off Of Him

I am in total support of affordable and accessible health care to all legal American citizens. But that's not the same as health care being free for everyone in this country. I'm concerned about those people who work sixty hours a week and can't afford to get sick. Or our elderly citizens who have paid into Social Security forty years or more and now they're worried about their benefits.. They shouldn't have to decide between buying their medicine and paying their other bills. I think President Obama's heart is in the right place but his plan won't work. Taking care of the poor is an honorable and Godly thing. The devil is in the details here.

Congressman Steve Cohen held a town hall meeting that didn't go as planned. Thank God the minority in his district came out for the meeting. The majority of his constituents are black but they weren't there. Otherwise he would have had his usual walk in the park talking loud and saying nothing. If he talks about slavery or renames a building, half of his supporters are satisfied. Believe me, Steve Cohen showed up ready to talk about something else. He was going to answer questions about Social Security and Veteran benefits, though in his district unemployment is soaring and they haven't went to the military since Viet Nam. He claimed he would have to look closely at the health care bill before making his decision. If he doesn't vote for it, I for one will be surprised. He rubber stamps everything the Democrats propose. I bet he didn't prepare for such an informed, hostile crowd. No one was happier than him that it got out of hand. It took some of the heat off of him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Cohen is a bald head liar. I watched him on Fox news abd he was deceptive as usual. Hr claimed the meeting went off without a hitch but they had to call in the police.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Common said...

"Take am aspirin and come back in the morning." That's the kind of sarcasm he represents his distict with. Whites call him on the carpet but they don't keep him in office.He knew once the meeting was over he was scott free. He feels like the majority of his constituents only know what he tells them. Unfortunately he's right.

11:53 PM  
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