Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Kissing Begins

I witnessed some major butt kissing this week. It started when Jerry Lawler blindsided Charles Carpenter with a question about his finances over the last seventeen years. Carpenter responded like a lawyer and danced around the question. He clearly underestimated the intelligence of the listeners. I think we can safely say Charles Carpenter failed the test. For anyone that was seriously evaluating the candidates, that interview did the trick. You better believe that was planned out and eveybody in the studio knew what was going on except Charles Carpenter. I could tell he was shocked by what seemed like a tag team attack by Thaddeus Matthews and Jerry Lawler. I bet Carpenter is paid up for his advertising through the election. He thought he had paid for stuff like this not to happen.Thaddeus is looking at the fact there is still money to be made with Jerry Lawler in the future. " If it don't make dollars it don't make sense."

Then Silky O' Sullivan called in to let it be known he didn't have a problem with the former mayor. Notice he didn't join in on the ribbing of Mayor Lowery either. He doesn't want to upset the deliberations now taking place with the Beale Street case against Performa Inc. and John Elkington. They don't hold wrestling matches down on Beale Street anyway, so he isn't indebted to Jerry Lawler. The only one that didn't know which way to go was Thaddeus. You can bet he was doing all he could to diffuse that situation. I think Silky Sullivan is dba Miss Pollys. In the beginning that was the shows biggest sponsor. That explains the relationship between him and Thaddeus. Silky said if he was wrong he was sorry, but if he wasn't he demanded an apology. Before he got off the phone good . Who but Jerry Lawler was calling in apologizing and backpeddling on what he said. That day everybody left with their lips firmly planted.

Just when you thought it was over Dr. W.W. Herenton called the show. After the cold shoulder he received on WDIA his ego needed some stroking. Plus the fact that Myron Lowery and Otis Sanford described this show as being smut. He is going on just to spite them. The butt kissing went to a whole new level, at which I wasn't really surprised. Though Herenton basically set the parameters for the interview. It was a step down for Willie Herenton but one up for Thaddeus Matthews. I already know how this interview will go. Dr. Herenton is going to tell us something we already know and Thaddeus is going to be so astonished he will be at a loss for words. Like he always does with Edmund Ford Sr. and Jr. and Wanda Halbert. They never answer any tough questions because he doesn't get around to asking them.

I don't hate the player. I hate the game. Thaddeus has taken his butchering of the English language and his misinterpretation of the facts and parlayed them into a somewhat lucrative hustle. It amazes me how many people gravitate toward his lies and foolishness on a daily basis. My mistake is taking him too serious. I don't agree with the majority of the things he says but he has a lot of listeners that don't know any better.. He is the worst kind of srll-out. He talks a mean game when everyone is listening. When no one is looking the kissing begins.


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