Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This Was Bound To Happen

This is yet another example of one of our elected leaders being like a deer caught in the headlights. Martavious Jones is an educated young man who was frequenting somewhere he really had no business being. I'm sure he heard Ms. Webb's interview on the same show the other week. As president of the school board he should have declined the invitation on principal alone. Once you make it out yourself,you can't go back and hang out in the hood. You're going to have to get hood yourself or some dweller is going to call you out. Most of those people are still there for a reason and Thaddeus Matthews is a permanent resident. If he had a million dollars he would just be a fool with money. Jones thought he could overshadow the emotions and rhetoric with facts. One thing he didn't take into account is where he was at.

I don't really feel sorry for Martavious this time though. He should have known better from past experience. I wrote a blog about him a while back the first time he went on the show. That should have been his first and last appearance. He has been back twice since then. Little did he know he was being sized up all the time. He fell victim to the same setup as Willie Brooks. Though Brooks was just an innocent victim. Anything short of him beating this guy down is going to work against him now. By some impressionable listeners he will be viewed as weak an ineffective. He may not have a lot of money at least for advertising and is not an intimidating figure. Another thing he also isn't white. With those three things working against him. This was bound to happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thaddeus had his manners button on today. Prince Mongo called him crazy and said he wouldn't fire Larry Godwin. Not one time did he call him stupid.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Common said...

I talked to Martavious today and he told me what really happened when Thaddeus supposedly kicked him out of the studio.

It went down nothing like we heard. We never see the actual videos of these hair raising events we hear about.The only witnesses are Thaddeus and his increasingly silly sidekick Sonya.

9:35 PM  
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