Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Inch At A Time

Is there a sickness going around? Something is making educated, attractive, productive young women put their careers on the line for these underage males. With camera phones, text messaging and this bad economy we are experiencing right now.. Between blackmailing and crimestoppers paying up to a thousand dollars for information. Nothing is secret anymore. Even though it wasn't common knowledge. This sort of thing has been happening all the time. In the past all the attention has just been heaped on men sleeping with underage girls. We took for granted Ms.Crabtree might be checking out Farina, Afterall he was bigger than all the other "Little Rascals."

We aren't talking some old frumpy school mom with legs that look like  canned hams. Cinnamon Davis has a name and looks like a stripper, but was a guidance counselor at a local high school. Since the school was geared toward the trades. She was advising him on the benefits of a career in plumbing. Stacy Hopkins was popular among the boys at her school. She worked around horny, half naked boys all day long. Only three came forward. But there were probably more. April Ward got so inbolved she had a 17 yr. old living in her house for the last year. He was driving a car she had bought him and playing playstation III with her 14 yr. old son. It doesn't just happen in the city either. Devry Depriest a high school band teacher in Gallatin Tenn. didn't take heed. She took playing a horn to a whole new level.

I don't know any of these so called victims. And I use that term loosely.You can bet they all have one thing in common though. They are well endowed. Those teachers losing their jobs might be the real victims here. They were mesmerized. They just wanted to see the elephant dance. Those young men now have experience in taking advantage of a weak woman if they already didn't. One that will put her desires before her dignity. These women have lost their earned edge one inch at a time.


Blogger Common said...

One dowm:

Statutory rape charges filed against a school guidance counselor in August were dismissed today when the alleged victim did not show up for a preliminary hearing.

Cinnamon Davis, 23, a guidance counselor at Varangon Academy at 3030 Brunswick had been accused of having sexual contact with a 17-year old male student in late May at her Cordova apartment.

She was charged with statutory rape by an authority figure, but the teenage student in the case did not appear to testify at a probable cause hearing today in General Sessions Criminal Court.

Charges then were dismissed for lack of prosecution, though Davis still could be indicted on the charges by a grand jury.

Defense attorney Leslie Ballin said his client has maintained her innocence in the case and that she will continue to do so if further action is pursued by prosecutors who said no decision has been made.

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