Monday, January 30, 2012

Should Be King

Once again assets have gotten in the way of true happiness. Aretha Franklin took that Queen stuff too serious and thought she was really royalty. I saw her do an  interview with  Wendi Willams. The man she has dated for the last 25 years was a blue collar worker, not someone in the business like herself. They should have signed a prenuptial twenty years ago and did the damn thing. How did that Glynn Turman thing work out for her? I remember her being head over heels for him. So much for someon else in the business.

If she were a man, we would call this shameful. Even Gene Simmons married his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed after 28 years. Aretha has always had a problem with the obvious. She wants Halle Berry to play her in the movie about her life. It is what it is. "You can take a mule to the Kentucky Derby, that still doesn't make it a horse." Since she was the Queen. She should have made him King

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