Friday, March 23, 2012

Giving Up Her Seat

I posted a picture of Rhianna bare breasted last week that I wanted to make a comment about. But the news about her and Ashton Kutcher hadn't leaked yet. He's just satisfying his wild oats. She thinks it's bold and exciting. Not realizing she is just a rendezvous. I'm not surprised at anything Rhianna does. When her father was interviewed and he said Rhianna had gotten too fat. I knew then she might be a weed. Most fathers would discourage their daughter from being loose. He was just looking at her as another woman like any other man. With a mother that's busy with her own life. The girl has no voice of reason. The money makes it right.

Ashton Kutcher might be the only bad boy out there with the means to pull this off. She doesn't really want a regular guy. The young brothers on the rise don' t Rhianna is no longer on the radar as far being a prime catch. The Blake Griffins and Reggie Bushs' aren't interested. The old players like L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell have ruined her. They put her on a star and left her there. Chris Brown has realized there are plenty of other girls out  there jockeying for position in his stable. He has put Rhianna in rotation. She left him as a free agent too long, trying to be slickCheating with him on his new girlfriend, woke him up to her. Which essentially makes her a jumpoff. On another note. That is why her father suggested she get back with Chris. He knew she was unwittingly giving up her front row seat to stand in line with the fans. Don' t just be another Toukie Smith. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wendy Williams said almost the same thing on hot topics.

6:02 PM  
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