Monday, December 24, 2012

Trash And Class

This brings to mind the old adage "if you're living in a glass house, don't throw no stones ". Bambi had to know the truth or at least a different version of her story would come out.  Her constant referral to a "Black Santa Claus" is coming back to haunt her Black Santa has sent in texts and pictures to discount Bambi's story Making her look like a little hungry hood rat hunting for some cheese. Instead of starting stuff with Gloria and Laura Govan. Whom aren't very popular these days.  She should have been trying to make a record. Being that's her only occupation. It's going to be interesting watching her rap her way out of this.

I always thought her bragging about a trick, said more about her than it did him. Who brags about something like that? Now we know why Malaysia was so offended last season when Laura Govan called her a rat. She struck a nerve. Malaysia was fighting for the honor of every rat out there trying to make a come up. White chicks and women like Laura and Gloria have made it rough. Talking in a sexy voice, wearing weave and colored contacts. Isn't enough to get these ballers these days. They want a woman who can swim. How can you have a pool party, when you can't get wet? Look at Shaq and Hoops. Malaysia and Bambi are best friends. Birds of a feather flock together . Malaysia is just the groupie who made good. Even though her husband has never shown his face.  She has an Army behind her.

He already had a fly woman by his side. Brooke looks as good or better than Bambi. The man was a player not a square.  As it turns out she was a downgrade. Brooke has kept it Gucci, and she is the one who was cheated. When I saw Bambi on BBWLA Reunion it was apparent how ghetto she was.  Like Santa said "  that's the difference between trash and class. 


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