Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends Are Afraid

I've noticed a growing mentality among what we know today as gangster rappers. In most cases it won't escalate to someone actually getting killled. But like in the case of the Atlanta based rapper Yung Teddy. One senseless killing is too many. You would rather they just be snapped back into reality and live happily ever after. But don't underestimate the callousness of your haters. They're evening the score with guns. I first picked up on this listening to an interview with Waka Flocka  He seems to think because he's bigger than most guys, they won't try him.

By flashing his colors and signs on all his videos. He stirred up a Hornets nest with Crips and Gangster Disciples all over the country. To make matters worse he alerted all the smaller guys they better get their weight up because.he ain't no little guy. In essence extending a challenge to all those gang bangers under '6"5 and 250 lbs. who have a problem with him. Smaller guys have been crashing his video shoots and throwing bottles on stage at his shows every since. I think he has quieted down quite a bit though. Let's just hope it lasts. What happened to Slim Dunkin was too close to home for him.

The rappers "Gucci Mane"and "The Game"are just big bullies who haven't met their match yet.  They know most of the guys they're beefing with don't pose a threat. Gucci Mane challenged all the other people in the game to a bout in the boxing ring. The game danced around the issue, but he still didn't accept the invitation. I wonder why he didn't go in like he did with 40 Glock? It's more about what happened to Sticky Fingaz, than the lawsuit filed by 40 Glock. He comes from a family of bruisers. His father and brother in their day were touch hogs too. His mother had a thing for a thug. Gucci Mane's mother must have liked bad boys as well. I don't know anything about his father or what he was like. Maybe his mother was the source of his bad side. After all Gucci is Waka Flockas' first cousin.

From what I've gathered Yung Teddy was of this same ilk. His son's mother is charged with sending him threatening texts before he was killed. I think this was a Taylor Bradford type situation. I don't think she knew what was going to happen ultimately. She is just guilty of running her mouth too much. He had a reputation of being a bad boy in and around the city of Atlanta. Mainly because of his style of music. According to witnesses he was killed by two guys both under '5 9" with slim builds. Probably guys he had beef with earlier at some point. Somebody tweeted on his Twitter page they forgave him for taking a cigar from them one time. People have been killed for much less. The fight that killed Slim Dunkin started over a piece of candy. Both these men  were killed in front of witnesses but no one is telling. They fear their killers just like they did rhem.  How many of your so-called friends are afraid of you? 


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