Friday, January 25, 2013

Naturally Sweet

If I were in a position of influence with the Atkins sisters. One in particular. I have an excellent idea for them. The one I would prefer to promote this idea is Goo Goo. She could do it tastefully. I'm sure Tina wouldn't want to be a spokesperson.  No one wants to admit to this type enhancement. Since Goo has taken the title of being the chubby one. Let her go solo on this one. But at least two of them I know are only a Triscuit away from blowing up themselves. When you go to Goo's website.You see the majority of her clients seem to be of the portly persuasion.  They also mostly have a gospel flavor. The sisters claim they don't want to be to suggestive in their dress. They don't show any flesh, but almost everything they wear is like a second skin. Even  when they wear jeans it's like they're wearing leggings.

Instead of going for that "busted can of biscuits" look. Since Goo's specialty is fashion. She should develop and promote a specialized undergarment line. Don't try and dupe the folks like Body Magic did. Give  the good sisters something  they can go  to their local Lane Bryant's and buy. A sexy panty girdle instead of a skimpy thong. Unless Goo and her sisters stop eating cheeseburgers. Her family will be her best customers.  All women don't want to spend six days a  week, sometimes twice a day in the gym.  Trying to look like Michelle Obama. She is naturally slim. She is enjoying  the benefits of her middle aged spread. Contrary to popular belief. That's not what all men want either. "Nobody wants a bone but a dog". Nothing is hotter  than a woman who can cook in the kitchen and the bedroom too.

I don't know whether they know it or not, but the older sisters are giving Goo some good advice. Don't  take your produce to the market. Then you have to compete with the other juicy fruits. If you know your fruit is the best. Make them come to you. Since Erica had her baby. She hasn't bounced back to her former splendor.There are those who think it's sexy as long as it's tight. As a general rule that's not right.Tina is pregnant now and I expect her to be as big or bigger than her sister. Then you have Goo, who hasn't even had a baby yet. In Atlanta it isn't about how many clothes you put on but how many you take off. Don't give them a choice between an orange and a peach. One is more work than the other. But they both are naturally sweet.


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1:39 AM  
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