Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spend It All

Memphis music needs it's own niche.  I agree with Kenneth Whalum on this one. He has been a strong advocate for Memphis music for years. I just don't want him and his clique to reap all the rewards. He has always wanted to be a celebrity disguised as a preacher.His family has strong musical connections. His son and brother have played for some of the top acts in the industry. We need to discover the new Miguel or maybe even a Robin Thicke. With the invention of the Internet and modern media. Another Issac Hayes would give this city new life. I still hear his music in commercials even now. Nothing has been produced yet to take its' place.

David Porter isn't sleeping on this. That's why he started this MMT Consortium. He has been in the  middle of a thriving record company before. They just  weren't prepared for their success back then. He is hoping to strike gold one more time. Most of those artists at Stax came from Memphis. They discovered J. Blackfoot  on the corner. His first audition was behind  the liquor store. The biggest record he ever recorded (Taxi). He didn't make a dime. Had his business been in order. Instead of doing low budget shows in Sunset Ark. with Thaddeus Matthews before he died. He should have been rich off royalties alone. But he wasn't rich, he was broke. Even though Stax recording went bankrupt. David Porter didn't steal the money, he blowed a lot of his too.  He just didn't spend it all.



Blogger Common said...

This is coming to fruition. It's July 2nd and the school is opening.

12:41 PM  
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