Monday, March 18, 2013


All those people siding with Walter because they don't like Kenya Moore better beware. In the end she might get the last laugh after all. This guy is moving around to fast to be for real. No middle aged tow truck owner is ballin that hard in Atlanta. He is acting like Chris Brown and Drake, men half his age. According to Kandi and Phaedra he has been around. He might be a player. But where is his main girlfriend? Something in this soup isn't tomatoes. He claims he wasn't paid to appear on the show, and he was never interested in Kenya romantically. If that's the truth, why is he spending so much time in front of the camera ?  Since him and Kenya are no longer a couple and he has supposedly moved on to younger women.  Just don't come around. Why is he hanging around these old folks anyway? Why would you continue to put yourself out there for free? The other men are being paid to be on the show. Him offering his face for free is dumb.

Peter Thomas and the other housewives are jealous of Kenya anyway. Peter was the cock on the block before Kenya came on the show and ignored him. She was always partial to light skinned men. Cynthia better be careful since her husband is leading the pack of haters. If you notice in spite of their video troubles, Apollo didn't have much to say. He let Walter and the others dig themselves a ditch with their mouths. He wasn't going out like no punk. Truth be told. If given the chance he would still hit that. Any uncommitted, able bodied man alone in a room with Kenya would be aroused. That line about Walter only liking his women 22, 24 or 26 yrs. old is nothing but a croc. For all those cast mates in his Amen corner. What does that say about them? Porsha is the youngest one and she is in her thirties.  According to him he wouldn't want that. All the women should be offended. This man could have children as old as the women he's dating.

I don't think this guy is gay. He is just trying to save face in front of the public . He has come off looking somewhat like a chump. He better leave well enough alone though. Before his business really gets out. The relationship was moving too fast for him to let her know what was really happening. He wanted to cut Kenya but he just couldn't. I bet he is eating up where he is going. These young girls will go for that for a while and take his money. But that won't last forever. They end up with a boyfriend who can still perform. Kenya wants to have a baby and that isn't happening. Not with this man She has the booty to get it done. She just has to find a stallion that can help.           


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