Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take Him Serious

After listening to his show today. I have come to this conclusion.  Jesse Lee Peterson is spending all his time and effort defending someone who doesn't need or want his help. Whites don't need him to argue their case. I don't think they would choose him, even if they did. They hold the majority of the cards anyway. The only groups I've ever seen march are blacks and homosexuals. They are the only ones that want to be part of something that doesn't want them. Militant blacks don't deter the course of white America one bit. To the contrary it's the other way around. Blacks are being controlled by whites.

Last week about 61 Klu Klux Klan members came to Memphis for a rally. The city spent $175,000 on security and other city services for their safety. The city didn't spend that much when 12,000 blacks were going to the Mid-South Coliseum for concerts.  They would have three policemen directing traffic coming out on Central and three for traffic on Southern. Police presence isn't much better for the "Heritage Classic". And I think they pay for police anyway. There are officers all over the place at the "Liberty Bowl". They both are annual large scale sports events

Why hasn't Jesse's career progressed beyond an occasional guest appearance on the "Sean Hannity Show"? That and playing guard dog against liberals.  He is making a good living of course. But not the millions being made by others in the Conservative political pundit game. Glen Beck made $100 million talking about President Obama. While Jesse Lee Peterson made enemies of most blacks who know him. His program is like the rest home for right wing burn-outs.  Whenever the mainstream gets tired of an issue they pass it on to Jesse Lee. Look at Dr.Orly Taitz and Walid Shoebat. One is considered obsessed and the other one is called a fake. Just like them. Jesse has taken a back seat to the mainstage. Most Conservatives don't really take him serious. 


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