Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too Much

Until a couple of years ago the Afro-American MPA didn't carry a lot of weight with the city of Memphis Administration. In 1973: the department witnessed the formation of two police unions—the Afro-American Police Association was formed and the Memphis Police Association, a bargaining unit representing patrolmen and sergeants, was formed  Since they're begging for money these days. Now the only representative you see is Mike Williams from guess what union? I don't recall Mayor Herenton  ever having to deal with the demands of Mike Williams when he was the mayor. They probably didn't trust their odds of scamming the voters with him in office. He already had them under his spell.

How quickly we forget. After Chief Godwin broke up their little Gentleman's Club. The white officers have taken a back seat in all of this. The attention span of the general public is about a month at most. You don't keep a promise, and the voters will soon forget. If you make good; it's what have you done for me lately? You can't satisfy some folks no matter what you do. I say give them the raises and lay-off accordingly. Mike Williams is saying Mayor Wharton raised his and his cronies pay. The truth is they took a cut in pay and gave city workers a bonus. While most tax paying citizens experienced some of the highest unemployment rates in history.

I know it's probably against the rules but all officers who support this should have it noted in their personnel folders. This signifies a breach of trust based on their own admission They have a no strike clause in their contract. But they indirectly refuse to do their job. First it was the reduction in writing traffic tickets. Either they are hustling the drivers now or they weren't doing their jobs then. They are writing more citations than ever. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking at you. Lately you can't trust them and you're looking right at them.  Will they be slow to respond to a robbery call in South Memphis? Will they go the other way if they hear shots fired? Does their pay affect their judgement? Based on their actions of late they already make too much.


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