Monday, May 20, 2013

Still In Them

This is the most realistic show on the Bravo network to date. In Quad's words "a real mutha* #%ka " gave  them the idea. These women aren't ratchet just for ratings. They are like this in real life. When you read about their backgrounds and how they came to be married to medicine. The whole thing comes together. It has taken about four behind the scenes episodes for the claws to come out. If these women spent half their time minding their own business, and the other half leaving others' alone. There wouldn't be a show.

These women form these relationships for the purpose of this show. It's not like they were anything more than aquaintences before the show was created. Someone had the idea and sold it to the network. Once the idea is sold. The network takes over from there. Mariah might be one of the executive producers of the show. That's just in case it doesn't catch on. If the network producers cross an interesting story that steps on her toes. She doesn't have the power or creative control to scratch it from the script Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas is a prime example of this. Being there in the beginning stages doesn't guarantee you a job

The only two on the show  who  really have an actual involvement in medicine are Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone..They both are black female doctors who live in Atlanta, that have their own private medical practices. Both  these women are somewhat successful. But they clearly earn less than the male doctors on the show. Between  the two of them  Dr. Jackie is more professional in her demeanor. Dr. Simone has  that homegirl spirit.that some women like. But she sometimes borders on being ghetto. That's her main connection to this show. She was in the office with Dr. Jackie, and she couldn't get along  with  the other doctor. So she had to relocate.

Mariah can't believe all these women are turning on her in support of each other. She brought them all together in the first place  But there is no honor among  thieves.  The other gold diggers are aiming for her spot. Just like Kim Zolchiak on RHOA.  Kari is the token white chick in the  mix. So don''t worry about her. She'll profit from this venture as much as anyone else. If not on  the show itself, her husband's practice will benefit.  And don't get too comfortable with Quad following in your tracks. She likes the same attention as you. Next season if the show lasts. She'll be looking to have her own sidekick too..

A jealous person is more dangerous than one being ratchett.  People don't plan to be stupid. They just are. I was wondering why this woman was so venomous  toward some of the other women ? Then I read her background.  Toya hustled hard to get her man. She was working two jobs and going to school when her and her husband met. She is particularly jealous of  Quad and Mariah.   But she kisses up to Kari. This just shows you can  take.the woman out of  the hood, but it's still in them.


Blogger Common said...

I just saw an episode that pretty much confirmed everything I said in this post. Dr. Simone summed it up when she said. "Me and Dr. Jackie are definitely in the middle. With Kari and Toya on one side and Mariah and Quad on the other".

Kari is jockeying for her husband's business, and doing a good job at that. She is talking these women in to long term leases. Toya wants to be like her. Atlas Orthopedics has been in business twenty years. Nomad is just getting started.

Mariah feels her grip on the group getting away. Quad is the only one still infatuated with her for now. The other women are fed up already.

12:29 AM  
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