Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dog Whistle Racism

This young lady is being used as a scapegoat. People are going to blame her, even though the prosecution never had a good case. Her testimony is no more incriminating than testimony given by the neighbor Johnathan Good. He said he heard the white man screaming. And saw him on the ground  with  the black man on top. That pretty much supports everything the defense said. Rachel Jeantel is nineteen years old in the 11th grade. She isn't the key to this case. The fact that she can't read cursive writing and remember everything she said. Has more to do with her level of comprehension than her being rude and disrespectful.

I hope this doesn't backfire on the defense. Once it was revealed that Rachel was an unreliable witness they should have took her off the stand. Public sentiment has switched to feeling sorry for Rachel as opposed to the fact that the prosecution has no case. The racial climate in America is fragile these days. With the Paula Deen thing and all. The media is just getting around to calling this a racial issue. For blacks this was always racial  Someone other than a black killed another black. They've switched the focus from Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman to Rachel Jeantel and Don West. The fact that the witness is uneducated and has a poor background has nothing to do with the facts in this case.

This does bring light to a different issue though. I've been talking about this for years.  Don Wext' daughter posted a picture on Instagram that blew "politically correct" people's cover. She isn't old enough yet to know you can't say everything to everybody. Even if you're telling the truth. Those who are able to recognize it are outsiderized by everyone else. If you don''t pull the race card on everything you are soft. If you don't agree with the crowd, just don't say anything at all. If you  bring it up around whites, you're called a troublemaker. Rachel Jeantel doesn't even realize she's prejudice, but Molly West is too. The people holding these two to different standards are part of the problem too. The new word for racism that slides under the radar is called dog whistle racisn.


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