Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Varying Degrees

Yesterday morning Lionel Hollins came on WDIA and did an interview with Bobby Ojay. I know he thought he was in friendly territory,being that he was at the city's oldest black radio station. But nothing could have been farther from the truth. He must not listen to the "Fun Morning Show" on a regular basis. Makes you wonder who arranged this interview.Though he is such a small man in stature. Bobby Ojay is one of the biggest haters in  this town. Lionel Hollins had barely left the station good. Before Bobby was stabbing him in the back Saying "maybe the Grizzlies needed a change". Bobby undermines every black man with more power,influence and money than him. He hated Kriner Cash with a passion.

Coach Hollins was at a disadvantage with Bobby Ojay from the start. He was tall and had light skin and was arguably handsome. Once he dispelled Bobby's fascination with Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And Bobby figured out  how little they had in common other than their age. It was downhill from there. Bobby is a boot strap ni**a.  Walking around looking down his nose at less fortunate blacks. He likes talking about things he thinks his listeners aren't familiar with. From him to Bev Johnson to Stormy.They all have their little quirks. Bobby is a hermit. He only goes out to shop. Bev exploits her listeners. From the Limelight nightclub to the annual "All White Soiree". Stormy is a snob. She only talks at the listeners. Other than when someone goes on vacation. She only gives advice.

I don't listen to these people for guidance myself, but some people do. In the past I thought that held them to a higher standard. Obviously it doesn't. Why wouldn't they welcome the truth?  Then it made perfect sense. Their concern is your infatuation with them. They don't want to share their thunder with anyone else. Then you could take their place. I guess jealousy is a common trait among radio personalities. Some might consider that self preservation. It just has varying degrees.


Blogger Common said...

Bobby Ojay is a hater. He can't understand how the law works in regards to Trayvon Martin.But he makes excuses for the Grizzlies management for not rehiring Lionel Hollins.

10:09 AM  
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