Monday, July 22, 2013

Gay Martyr

I  wondered how  Parks & Crump Attorneys At Law. stayed in business as civil rights attorneys. I know they were representing Trayvon Martin. But a case like that doesn't come along every day. Then I was reminded of the Marco McMillan case in Mississippi. They took that case. Darryl Parks and Benjamin Crump are like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with law degrees. They have the paperwork to get these frivolous cases to court. Jackson and Sharpton need help. Considering neither of them has any real qualifications. If Al and Jesse had degrees they would really be dangerous.

The Parks & Crump Attorneys At Law is a well polished machine. The whole country boy in the big city is just an act. I have seen con men use that tactic before. Believe it or not it works. Then they have the smooth talker Mr. Parks. Who is skilled in making a long well spoken argument about nothing. The other day I heard one of his followers try to make an argument that Trayvon Martin was dead before he was shot. Where in the world did that come from? Those are the kind of people Parks and Crump galvanize. They converge on small towns with less sophisticated police departments. Then they throw everything they can against the wall, hoping something sticks.

This case has all the makings of a made for television "Unsolved Mystery".  An up and coming, young, black politician who was killed in a small southern town. But I think the race merchants are going to take a bump on this one. They're going to get a lesson in good old fashioned common sense. Some black people talk a good game, but things haven't really changed.  Even though they didn't speak out against gay marriage. Marco won't get  the support Trayvon received.  If he had a baby's mama and had been through a bout with drugs. It might get more sympathy. Claiming the defendant was framed would get more attention. They hate the young man was killed, but even all the locals won't cooperate. Blacks aren't going to get behind a gay martyr.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could this have been the president twenty years ago?

2:54 PM  
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