Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drivers Seat

I've been in a hurry to write this blog, but I still finished before the council made a decision. One thing for sure is we won't be having  this discussion forty years from now. Not because this administration will have straightened this whole thing out. But because there won't be any city sanitation services left. It will be privatized. Any plan that Councilman Kemp Conrad agrees with doesn't bode well for the sanitation workers. The same greed that got the workers in this position in the first place. Greed and grandstanding will bring this long fought battle to and end. Five years from now there won't be any union members left.

Mayor Wharton, Council people  Janis Fullilove, Joe Brown and Myron Lowery are trying to leave a legacy behind. Not to mention getting reelected. Janis has built her career around fighting for the underdog. Though she has a losing record. People still believe in her. Joe Brown is probably the most predictable elected official in the council's history. He votes against the whites 90% of the time. And the other 10% of the time he votes with the blacks. And poor Myron Lowery just  wants to be able to attend black events that don't have security and not fear being jumped. He is probably the most hated, if not disrespected member on the council right now. He doesn't have a base. This would give him an identity.

This is going to turn out like the Beale Street lawsuit.  The city will eventually win at the taxpayers expense. They have both been bones of contention for a long time. The Beale Street battle finally ended last year.  It lasted almost as long, and was an indirect result of this very same fight.  After the assassination of MLK in Memphis. They had to do something to try and repair the city's image. Giving the city and "Beale Street Development Corp." a grant was supposed to make that happen. Unfortunately it didn't have the desired effect. BSDC finagled themselves out of the deal while John  Elkington and Performa Inc. got rich. How things have changed, but somehow remain the same. Just like then, lack of understanding is in the drivers seat today.


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