Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Sponsor

The major local stations didn't cover this story. But it has been the buzz of the underground and the Internet for days.. Yvette Whiteside conducted the initial interview with Lashondra Matlock. But Thaddeus Matthews has given the story life. White people aren't  bothering themselves with this ni##ga stuff. This type behavior doesn't surprise them. Once again a black community leader has been found to be foul.  There is a difference between being right and not being wrong. That's what happened here.

Based on what I have read and heard so far. This is dirty laundry with a permanent stain. Pastor Adkins thought he had washed his hands and put this issue behind him. Child support begins when the guardian files the petition. Lashondra was eleven years old before her mother sought to establish paternity,. He let another man claim and pay for his daughter all those years.Then they kept it in court for five years longer. By the time the girl knew who her real father was she was seventeen years old. In light of the success of preacher's kids like Cameron Whalum. Having to make her way without the help of her father's influence is hard. The young lady feels cheated.

I haven't heard Lashondra yet, but I don't expect her to get a balanced interview from Thaddeus  Matthews. He was on his best behavior with the pastor. You  would have thought Willie Herenton was in the studio. And getting her mother to come on the show is out of the question. She is the common thread in all of this. Thaddeus claims he couldn't find anything wrong with Adkin's story. But naturally he wouldn't. Being a deadbeat father himself. He appreciates the slick maneuvers on Adkins part. Thaddeus brags about his relationship with his youngest daughter. But what about his other two children. I remember a few years ago Dominique posted a letter just like this about him.  Now Thaddeus is trying to play Big Papa. All girls want the security of a father. Since her mother has divorced all her stepfathers. Lashondra doesn't have a sponsor.


Blogger Common said...

I must have been right. Lashondra didn't show up Mondy to give her side of the story. I think she was protecting her mother.

1:20 PM  
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