Thursday, November 28, 2013

Do It Again

I don't even recognize the woman on this picture. At first I thought it was an old photo of LaToya Jackson but it wasn't. Though it was obviously someone who has had some cosmetic work of some sort done. This is Tami Roman the rachet chick from "Basketball Wives", trying to look ethnic. She would pass for Puerto Rican if she could. But right now she is just a shade too dark. Her relationship with Evelyn Lazado was largely based on jealousy. Secretly she wants to be like her.  Evelyn has that look all the big ballers want and Tammi doesn't. Even though Evelyn was never married or had a baby by a player. She was still getting $1500 purses and shoes as gifts.

Tami Roman is the kind of person who can't be trusted  If you catch her in a lie. She'll try to start a fight to avoid telling the truth. I wonder was that an issue in her divorce? She walked away with nothing but the clothes on her back and her children. Something is wrong with that picture. Was there some infidelity or paternity issues involved? She was married to and supposedly has two teenage daughters by former NBA player Kenny Anderson. He has since moved on and got his life together with someone else. But Tami hasn't rebounded yet.

Stakes are high at this level for want-to-be ballers' women. Even though she isn't that old, Tami Roman is from the old school.  She drinks beer from the bottle and smokes Virginia Slims cigarettes.  I bet you won't see her in a bathing suit. It would tell the truth. You would see the color lines and varicose veins. And she doesn't do the tanning thing. Hot women these days drink Moscato wine and smoke blended cigars. She had the liposuction procedure performed and it nearly killed her. So I don't believe for one minute she didn't bleach her skin.  It didn't work. So she just won't do it again.


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