Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cut Your Losses

The marriage between Robert and Andrea Kelly sadly is a casualty of his success. But not for the reasons you think. I would predict the problems probably started around 12 play. She married him when he was up and coming and started having children. But since then he has become a full fledged superstar. But Andrea remained the same round the way girl with the coke bottle shape he met from the south side of Chicago. It's not likr he married Beyoncr or Alicia Keys. He hadn't been to Miami or New York yet when they tied the knot. And social media was in it's beginning stages then. So that allowed her a certain amount of anonymity.

Andrea Kelly and Tashera Simmons are two sides of the same coin.  They both  remained in the.background for the same reason. They enjoyed the perks.They came from humble beginnings. But both  their husbands were multi-millionaires. They always knew what they were up against. But they believed or hoped things would one day change. Obviously it didn't. And neither did they.After hearing Tashera  do an interview on the Breakfast Club. I don't feel as sorry for her as I initially did.  I hadn't heard his side yet. She was DMX's enabler. She had control over his  money but ended up with nothing. It's a shame for their four children. She had access to 40 million dollars or more. She w rachet too. Between the cars, weave and reckless spending. She blowed a grip herself

R Kelly was the first entertainer to fall in love with a stripper.She just didn't work in the clubs. He was her biggest sponsor. She just performed for him exclusively. By the time he came to his senses he was married. You better believe she was the inspiration behind a lot of his music. If R Kelly had only been as successful as say a Willie Clayton. Robert and Andrea would still be together. He just would always be working hard trying to make ends meet. But that wasn't the case. The more he made, the more she spent. She was trying to do everything then, she is now. Dance studios and all. Just with his money not her own..As much money as these guys are making these days. It's better to split 100 million than 200 or more. Leave now and cut your losses.



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