Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Game

When you have millions of dollars, people will listen to anything you say for a little while anyway. Since you have more money than most of your peers. They figure you must know something. But sometimes it's just luck. Fifty Cent made $100 million dollars off the sale of an energy drink.I have heard Kanye West with this same rant from Jay Leno to Jimmy Kimmel. The longer he talks, the dumber he sounds. He is part of their monologue every night. They are starting to make a joke of him. You never see Birdman, P Diddy or Jay Z challenging the big boys at night They know these guys  can make or break you.

Powerful black men have always been willing to risk it all for a white woman.  Jack Johnson was arguably the most recognizable black man of his time.  But he lived like a man in hiding. Instead of taking full advantage of his clout. He chose for a while to live out of the country with a white female. Kanye thinks having Kim Kardashian makes him a boss. He could just as well be called a Buster. Don't make your woman larger than you.  She is not as important to everybody else as she is to you. Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton are not moved. They don't design their clothes for the Hip Hop crowd. Even though your woman has a big behind. It's not bigger than the game.


Blogger Common said...

Kanye West is trying to make a name in fashion. But he better listen to Charlamagne. He needs to focus on his music. He is falling behind on that. Look what happened at the Grammys.

Two of this year's chief overlords of music (and controversy) -- Kanye West and Miley Cyrus -- both came up short. Cyrus' album, "Bangerz," didn't make the Sept. 30 cutoff for eligibility, but the summer hits "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" failed to garner any nominations. West, who is wont to tout his impressive 21 previous Grammy honors, made out with only two recognitions. Despite being a potential favorite for Album of the Year (the critically adored "Yeezus") and Song of the Year ("New Slaves"), West was only a finalist for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.

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