Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Business

I'm sure this chicanery didn't start with Jemar Lambert,but he had his part in this travesty since taking over at Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery..This young man comes from a long line of hustlers including his own father. And the apple obviously didn't fall far from the tree. I bet the previous owners were probably shady also. The cemetery was just about full when they sold the place. Why would white cemetery owners sell a golden egg to a black man? They would have cashed in on this themselves. They would have used a black face like Southern Funeral Homes and M.J Edwards and kept it moving.

Can you imagine what kind of guy would do something like this? He shook your hand and abused your body. The white cemetery owners stole the money. The black owners stole the money and the bodies too. I'll explain later what I mean. I feel sorry for those who can't find their loved ones in all this  But I'm beginning to see a correlation here. They haven't had state certification in three years. The first time I went to visit my relatives' grave and it wasn't able to be located.  The flags would have gone up right then. How bad can your record keeping be that you don't know where you buried a corpse? How many bodies do they have?  Why didn't they just buy more land?

With all this happening,there is a subject we haven't touched yet. W0ith the  ease in which  the employees are going inn and out of graves. You know they are  robbing graves. I bet if you opened every grave on the entire nine acres. You  wouldn't find as many valuable as you might think. Those diamonds and pearls you buried with your loved ones are probably gone by now.  This  explains why they won't let you watch them close the grave. They still have  to give you the business..



Blogger Common said...

This has died down already. They might be burying bodies again.

9:54 PM  
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