Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Calls The Shots

I don' t know how the white housewives handle conflict. But I could make a RHOA  If I  had some mud and two sticks. These six women are so predictable it's scary. Honesty and fair play are non  existent virtues in this group The fact that it is the most successful of all the housewives franchises says a lot about the audience. More than blacks are watching this show. But is it because they can relate or just for entertainment?

Kenya Moore is like a Republican on the show with a  room full of Democrats. She never gets the benefit of the doubt. She gets second guessed even wirh the truth. Most of the men on the show want to get with her or have already tried at some point.  That makes all the other women jealous. But they would never admit that Even small head Porsha tries to twist the facts when it comes to Kenya.  She is about as bright as a nite-lite. She has trouble with the simplest of things So imagine her trying  to be coy. Her and all the other women except Kenya are intimidated by NeNe Leakes.  But the only man NeNe controls is Gregg and he's weak. So that keeps him at bay. If Kenya had a strong man she would be running things. And there lies the problem with her.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are a sneaky pair. They have managed to last for six seasons with little to no storyline. Except the almost didn't happen weddng. Peter has adapted this quasi NeNe role with the men on the show. All while Cynthia kisses NeNe's butt without hesitation. She is partially responsible for the fight at the pajama party too. She was  trying to put the spotlight on Todd to get it off Peter. She has financed another one of his dreams. The "Bailey Agency" unknowingly became a tenant of a building owned by Peter. Even though she has a lot less money than Kandi.  Instead of watching Kandi's money. She better watch her own.

Phaedra better start wearing a maid's uniform instead of a business suit. She is constantly cleaning up behind her husband these days. Apollo Nida is messy. She has to follow him around whenever he appears in public like an agent When you see him she is usually in close proximity. Making sure he doesn't talk too much and blow their cover. If you start out on your knees. That's where you'll stay. I believe the auto theft story about them  That she filed suit to keep quiet. When Apollo showed no interest in her dealings with Willie Watkins. I knew their marriage wouldn't work then. They were unequally yoked to begin with. He would rather steal and possibly go to jail, than get legitimately rich in the funeral business..

You couldn't pull Gregg and Todd away from their women with a tow truck.  Kandi has so much money Todd has nothing to lose anyway. Mama Joyce is his biggest worry, and she is hooked on the slots.  Gregg was gone but NeNe let him come back. She figured out she is safe with him  Kordell Stewart read the writing on the wall and vamped. He didn't let Porsha get settled. He divorced her and pulled Towana Braxton. Now she could be on this show if she wanted. She can handle Tamar, and that's no small feat. So she would be a perfect fit. Like all these women on RHOA. She calls the shots.  


Blogger Common said...

Kenya is messy. For those who follow NeNe back to her days on "The Apprentice." Know "Saving our Girls" is a fake organization.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cynthia and Peter are being sued for $100,000 in back rent...Sources say they haven't paid rent on their Businesses in Atlanta since March

8:52 PM  
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