Friday, July 04, 2014


The long awaited marriage between Todd Tucker and Kandi Burrus is in the books. There was some juggling in the end. But after an eleventh hour compromise. They obviously worked it out.  Kandi gave Todd the pre-nup 48 hrs before the wedding. That was by design. He had to go against his lawyers advice. But you couldn't pull him away from Kandi with a tractor. And with good reason too. She takes care of him real good. As of a couple of weeks ago. I Bt's all legal. Todd and Kandi are now husband and wife.
If you keep talking you'll forget  what you said,  especially if you're not telling the truth.  That's  what  happened to Kandi on the "Andy Cohen Show" last week. To a degree Mama Joyce was right. Todd doesn't work anymore and Kandi has gained a lot of weight . He hasn't had a job since the "Atlanta Housewives" went to Africa. He has been a house husband every since. Just laying up with Kandi  Until they put on the play. Now we know why Kandi looks so much better these days. She has had liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift.
Even with surgery Kandi has way more money than she does cakes. Even though she iis the biggest size 3 I've ever seen.  That's why Mama Joyce is hatin on Todd and Carmon. She ss jealous of them and how they are getting over . Kandi makes life better for her friends and lovers by default. She didn't pick her mother, but she picks her inner circle. I caught the comment about a surrogate mother. Kandi isn''t crazy She isn't going all in likr Phaedra Parks. Todd won't be making it rain in the strip clubs like Apollo. That's where Kandi loss her last man. He didn't know what he had. She ran across  A.J through Tiny after she met TIP. Who is neck bone too Just like Kandi They don't have those .big heads for nothing. Todd is smart.


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