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This is what Beckys look like thekse days. A young, rich, black man is under a lot of pressure. You wonder why Robin Thicke, Nick Cannon and Wiz Khalifa are getting in trouble? What are they getting in these streets you ask? These women are like sexual fantasies fulfilled.  They'll do anything these guys ask T.I. was almost out the door, but him and Tiny worked it out. He can't afford to leave "The Family Hustle".  The only couple who are not target are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. She was the one he picked. He chose her over all the other girls.

Amber Rose didn't have to watch Ele Varner or Lola Monroe. Meek Mill and the other up-n-coming rap artist are handling that.  Wiz is on another level. He is up there with Kanye and Jay. They have an international audience. Who do you think is buying tickets on the European tour? Amber Rose better keep an eye on Katy Perry and Myley Cyrus types. I bet Wiz's new woman looks more like Iggy Azaela than Blac Chyna. It takes more than a big booty to win him over. Don't be surprised.

Sexy has gone full circle. For a minute black women were the big thing.With weave and the new found appreciation for curves. They were the apple of a black man's  eye. Then it was the Latin girls Light skinned gilts with  their own long hair.  But white girls are back with a vengeance  Iggy is the subject of the most popular sex tape never released. And she isn't even a beauty queen. But she feeds the imagination.


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