Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bad Children Growup To Become Bad Adults

Some 10 yr. olds in Fayette county were criminally charged for devising what they called a " assasination list " of bully classmates. They hadn't done anything damaging or even bought any weapons. They had just written the names down on a piece of paper. There are some people who seem to think that was harmless enough, me not being included. I was somewhat surprised at the diverse opinions concerning what should be done to these children. Some say it was just a childish prank. In light of incidents like Columbine and Virginia Tech. We can't take for granted any threat or strange behavior. Read the full story below :


Yesterday I heard about an 8 yr. old and two 9 yr. old boys, who kidnapped and raped an 11 yr. old girl. I don't know all the specifics of the case, so I would have to sustain from judgement until then. I can say this without a doubt though. In any event all three of those boys should have received a good ole fashioned whipping. Whether it was consensual or not, really doesn't matter. When people are doing things you don't agree with, you should leave. How many people have died or gone to jail, for being at the wrong place at the wrong time? The cemetary and jailhouse are full of them. Age wise everyone involved are nothing more than babies. Does it qualify as rape when you don't ejaculate? At that point their sexual drive and maliciousness shouldn't be that intense. Depending on the circumstances, charging them as adults could be excessive. I would have to know the role the little girl played in all of this. Read the detailed account below:


Look at the adults around you that can't seem to coexist. At one time they were children too. Probably that same guy that was always picking fights with everybody, in the second grade. Or that girl that would always get another group to go along with her. She's now that obnoxious neighbor, except now she has eight kids. You can't just write these kids off, because bad children become bad adults.


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