Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A True Sign Of Party Uncertainty

The sudden rise of a dark horse candidate indicates several things in my opinion. It's not just a sign to Republicans, but Democrats as well. Not only does it show that Republicans haven't made up their minds collectively, no one has seemed to sweep the caucuses convincingly so far. It seems the party is getting a new set of priorities. Moral issues won't have as much of an effect as it did last election. As I have always said Giuliani is someone even hardcore conservatives better take seriously. His soft stances on same-sex marriage and abortion doesn't count against him with all conservative voters. Fred Thompson unknowingly let him off the hook. He said what may be his most memorable statement so far. Fred Thompson pointed out some of these issues are better stamped out state to state. It doesn't matter how the president feels, it should and never will reach his desk. Giuliani is someone both parties can vote for. I think his numbers so far prove that. Even though many conservatives don't like him, he is and always has been the frontrunner. Whatever the outcome of the nominations, Rudolph Giuliani should be part of the team. I know it doesn't seem like it, but this story isn't about Rudolph Giuliani.

I do want to talk about Mike Huckabee. The former Governor from Arkansas, who in addition is a Baptist minister. That's a resume is even hard for the diehard conservatives to go against. The only thing they can do is prove he's not a true Republican. I always liked him, I just wasn't looking until lately. He is a middle of the road Republican at best. He has beat Mitt Romney in his own backyard, which again points out the importance of religion. Some voters have a hang up with Mitt Romney being a Mormon. The religious right is a large part of the Republican party, neither candidate can do without their support. I think his support is fueled not so much by those who favor him, but those who don't like somebody else. His sudden rise in the polls indicate to me," a true sign of uncertainty in the party."


Blogger Common said...

I think Mike Huckabee won points with the evangelicals with his Christmas message. When the Atheist,Buddhist or Muslims come out against a issue. It only invigorates the Christian community.

10:41 PM  
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