Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lester St. Leeches

I know the family is hurt, and people in Memphis aren't accustomed to this type of violence. The fact of the matter, in crime infested cities across the nation. This type crime is nothing new. Those who are so critical of Memphis, can't wait to say we are one of the most dangerous cities in America. Yet as soon as something bad happens, they revert back to that Norman Rockwell mentality. People in Los Angeles or even Little Rock Ark., wish this was the first time this had ever happened. I'm not discounting the impact of this incident, but crime is crime everywhere. It also doesn't matter the race and age of the victim.

All these separate "Help the family" funds being started, cause me to be somewhat cautious. Some people are using this tragedy to further their own personal agendas. If they just wanted to contribute to the reward to find the killers. "Crime stoppers" is already in place. I'm not in favor of paying little Junebug around the way, for doing something he ought to do anyway. Let's not let being a lowlife informant become a come-up for criminals. The award has been raised to $81,000, thanks to the Governor Bredesen. Let's just be honest here. The only person that knows about this, is probably a criminal themselves. You shouldn't get paid because you were cellmates or fellow gangmembers, with someone involved in a crime. Let's not let the city and state get in the business of paying for information. With all this crime happening lately. They'll soon have another budget shortfall.

As enraged as some of the citizens are about these killings. Have you noticed the reward hasn't grown except for government donations? All of these people pledging hundreds of dollars in support of the families. Are just trying to get others to contribute. I know for a fact some of them aren't going to give a quarter. They have track records. If anything, they'll be trying to get some of the money for themselves. If indeed there are any contributions. Where is that money going? I hope I don't sound negative, but it crossed my mind. First Baptist Broad and Pastor Keith Norman have been instrumental after the fact. I think what they are doing is trying to discreetly raise money to pay for all the funerals. The chance of anyone being insured is highly unlikely. Somebody who might be responsible for some of the expenses, is a faithful tithing member of that church.


Blogger Common said...

Fund for Lester Street kids approaches $140,000
By Jody Callahan (Contact)
Originally published 09:27 p.m., April 21, 2008
Updated 09:27 p.m., April 21, 2008

Thanks to the compassion of horrified strangers, the three children who survived the Lester Street massacre should be financially set for at least the next decade, if not longer.

Donations from across the country poured into the Lester Street Victims Fund, organized by two local churches after the brutal March 2 attack that left six people dead and three children fighting for their lives.

Last Friday, about $139,000 was given to Shelby County Probate Court to disburse as needed for survivors Ceniyah Dotson, 4 months, Cedric Dotson, 5, and Cecil Dotson Jr., 9.

With proper care, that money should last at least 10 years, estimated Valorie Smith, an attorney and nurse who was appointed guardian for the children.

Smith also relayed a bit of good news about the children: They have all been released from the hospital.

“They are doing well,” said Smith, who sees the children at least once a week. “They are very sweet kids.”

Their uncle, Jessie Dotson, remains in jail without bond, accused of killing his brother, Cecil Dotson, 30; two nephews, Cemario Dotson, 4, and Cecil Dotson II, 2; Marissa Rene Williams, 27; Hollis Seals, 33; and Shindri Roberson, 22.

Smith said she is limited by the court as to what details she can provide about the children, including who is looking after them now or where they are.

She did say, though, that the state has identified family who could potentially be granted custody. She also believes the siblings will all go to the same home.

“We are looking at family members, and family members can be foster parents,” she said. “There are acceptable family members.”

Smith said the money will be controlled by Probate Court, not foster parents or guardians. Any time money is needed, the court must approve the expenditure.

“That money will be used to pay for whatever expenses the state doesn’t cover,” she said.

Although the victims fund actually grew to about $171,000 — including $46,500 raised by employees at WMC-TV — funeral expenses whittled away $32,000, according to Keith Norman, the pastor at First Baptist Church-Broad who helped organize the fund.

Norman was astounded at the generosity of those who donated, and was particularly surprised at the return address from some donors.

“We even had donations from in prison. That blew me away. (The money) came from outside the Mid-South, across the United States,” Norman said. “This shows how good a city Memphis really is.”

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