Sunday, March 02, 2008

Four Years Pain,Twenty Years Gain

Before last week I hadn't even heard of this guy. If I did, I don't really remember him. But now I'm somewhat of a Bill Cunningham fan. I'll be listening to what he has to say about whatever it is, whenever I hear his name. Kind of like the admiration I have for Zell Miller, former Governor from Georgia. The only Democrat in recent history to publicly wake up and smell the coffee. It's people like him that make me hold my Independent status. It appears ole Bill has been the bastion of brutal blows to liberals all along His regular listeners aren't surprised by his brutally honest statements. He just made the majority mainstream media circuit. The latest target is Barack Obama and his middle name (Huessein). He is one of the only syndicated voices who has had the nerve to take a chance on not being politically correct , and mentioned something that obviously offends some people.

I haven't heard enough of Mr. Cunningham's broadcasts to know exactly where he stands politically. He's suggesting that we support Hillary Clinton right now. In hopes of the Republicans making a major comeback in the next election. I'm not so sure I agree with that. I'm not so sure about these Conservatives always ready to throw in the towel. Can you say RINO? Why not blow the four years on Obama? If you really plan for the Democrats to fall on their face. Electing Barack Obama might help bring that about. I think Hillary's maneuvering and the Clinton connections have the ability to do more damage. For those of us who don't like what we see on the horizon as far as choices go. Bill Cunningham may have offered some solace. "Four years pain, for twenty years gain."