Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Think I'll Pass On This One

Everyone wants to be with a winner. Now that the momentum seems to have shifted in Obama's favor. All these people who were publicly against him, all of a sudden think he's the next Martin Luther King. These people are just trying to get on his good side. So in the event he wins, there will be nothing standing in the way of looking for favors. I saw Jesse Jackson giving him a glowing review. While putting in a plug for his latest endeavor. The look of things to come.

Another Johnny come-lately has joined the growing endorsement list. Probably one of the most well known racist in America. I was wondering how Barack Obama was going to handle this double edged sword. If he shrugs off the endorsement from Louis Farrakahn it will upset many in the black community. If he accepts it, he's going to lose the liberal Jewish vote. My mind went straight back to former late night television host Arsenio Hall. He went from being a household name to interviewing audience members at Globetrotter basketball games. My eleven year old doesn't even know who he is, or the status he once had. He lost his television show, taking a stand for Louis Farrakahn.

Obviously Barack Obama remembered Arsenio Hall too. He cleared the air as soon as the word got out. He needs to stay as far away from radicals as possible. Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Savage and others of the like, were watering at the mouth. Every conservative talk show host I've heard today, made it their main topic of discussion. They knew this was political suicide in a national election. Someone said Farakahn just did it to be lowdown. He knew his support would cause a backlash for Obama. If that was his intent it didn't work. I guess Obama decided, I think I'll pass on this one.


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