Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pieced Together

No pun intended but all the pieces were right there in the victim's own house. James Hawkins has been charged with the murder and dismemberment of his live-in girlfriend Charlene Gaither. As it turns out he was the one who called the police and reported her missing to begin with. I guess it's wishful thinking to expect these killers to tell the truth once they get caught. He claims he didn't kill her, but he was responsible for decapitating her and removing her hands and feet. Like that story makes any sense to anyone with a brain. I bet he got this bright idea from the "Mickey Wright" case. That's like hiding the guns and burning the victims' automobile when their shooting was self defense. All the prosecutable crimes committed may have occured after the fact. Had any of these defendants called the authorities before they did what they admitted to. They might not be in trouble now.

As if this story could get any worse. There is yet another nasty turn to this case. For the accused party's sake, I hope this isn't true. It is rumored that the couples twelve year old daughter was used to help dispose of the body. I can't see a father putting their own child through something like this. But I can't see cutting off another person's head either.

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Blogger Blinders Off said...

Hi Common:

Before you ask I have been very busy, I do not get to visit my favorite blogs as often because of my schedule.

In reference to this post, excuse my language, but the MF deserves to DIE!

Yes, she allowed him in, but she also was trying to get away. It is easy for someone one on the outside looking in to judge the woman being at fault. Unless, a person has walked in her shoes and lived behind her four walls then and maybe then they could have a say.

NO ONE deserves to die the way she did and her daughter did not deserve the circumstances she was put in, I wish her the best in therapy and pray she would be able to have a productive life.

I read TM's blog and he was and is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! for posting the young girls name. Karma is not going to be nice when it comes back around.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Common said...

Girl testifies father forced her to help dismember mother
By Lawrence Buser
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In a soft, halting voice, a 12-year-old girl described for a court Wednesday how she saw her father kill her mother and how he forced her to help dismember the body with a circular saw.

The young girl testified that James Hawkins threatened to kill her if she did not help him take her mother's bagged body and body parts to the car and dispose of them in several locations in DeSoto County.

"He told me I've got to help him or he'll kill me, too," the young girl said under careful questioning by state prosecutor Missy Branham. "He wiped them off and then threw the hands in one direction and the feet in another direction."

The chilling testimony came in a preliminary hearing for Hawkins, 30, who is charged with killing and dismembering his girlfriend, Charlene Gaither, Feb. 9 in their Raleigh apartment. Hawkins reported her missing Feb. 12 and after parts of her body were found on U.S. 78 in DeSoto County two days later, he admitted dismembering her but denied killing her.

After Wednesday's hearing, General Sessions Criminal Court Judge Louis Montesi Jr. bound Hawkins over to a grand jury on charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, filing a false report and tampering with evidence.

Hawkins remains in jail on $2 million bond.

The girl testified at a small conference table with her back to her father, who was seated about 20 feet behind her and flanked by two of the dozen sheriff's deputies stationed around the courtroom. Also at the table were the judge, two prosecutors, two defense attorneys and a victim-witness coordinator.

A guardian ad litem appointed by Juvenile Court and a therapist from the Child Advocacy Center were seated a few feet away.

The girl took deep breaths and spoke in a hushed voice as she recounted standing at the bedroom doorway the day her parents were arguing.

"He was yelling at her and she said she was going to call police," the girl said, often biting her lip and staring down at the table. "He stabbed her in the neck ... and choked her until she died. I just stood there. Then he put the knife to my neck and told me to help clean up the blood and put her body in the freezer."

She said her father then took her and two younger brothers to one store for cleaning supplies and to another to purchase a circular saw.

Upon their return to the apartment, she said her father sent the boys outside and "told me to help cut my mom's head off" or he'd kill her.

The torso was recovered, but not the head, hands or feet, authorities said. A positive identification was made through DNA.

Sgt. Tony Mullins testified that Hawkins cleaned the circular saw and returned it to Kmart, where investigators were able to retrieve it.

2:28 PM  
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