Thursday, February 14, 2008

She Got What She Deserved

Kathryn Bowers was sentenced to sixteen months in prison today. Followed up by two years of supervised probation. If it were left up to me , they could've thrown the book at her. The only reason I don't say her sentence was light, is because it's in line with the others who were found guilty. I think she is a key element in Memphis politics being the way it is now. She is not the only one who was stealing, but she just got caught. I won't bother to name the others since they haven't been charged. She was one of the initial points of contact for the whole thing to begin with. John Ford got more money than her, but she introduced E-Cycle to him. Her and her group of bandits have been on the public's tit for years. It's time they got caught. I can remember Ms. Bowers helping herself at the public's expense since I was a youngster. She has always been involved in one sham or another. She has a history of peddling her influence to provide services she was elected to do anyway.

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