Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Was Very Impressed

Today I had the priviledge of talking to what I feel is a "mover and shaker." I say that because some people have the enviable ability to draw people to action. Make them take a look at themselves and iniate a change. Much like Barack Obama has done in the caucuses so far. They can convince others to put their money, not where their own mouth is. But where they suggest it's most beneficial. When someone exhibits this and acknowledges where it comes from, "to God be the glory." Today Mearl Purvis proved not only to be a pretty face, but a spiritually driven woman as well.

Since we're being honest here, let's get it all out in the open. Every woman listening won't be a Mearl Purvis by any stretch of the imagination. She is the exception serving as the example. Her rise to stardom is by no means cookie cutter. If that was the case, Bev Johnson would be an anchor woman too. Being that she inspired Mearl back at "Jackson State." She even mentioned the Hollywood effect, and its affect on newsrooms across the country. That might have been the one time in her interview she appeared a bit conceited. Not that that's bad, she's only human. It's not bragging if it's the truth. If they have the intellect, they don't have the looks. If they have the looks, they don't have the intellect. In all honesty, more than not, they don't have either one. But they still have a purpose in God. As perfect as her life appears to be now, she has had her problems too. We all fall in one of three categories. "We're coming out, going through or headed for a struggle." She brought forth a message that all men and women needed to hear. In all that you go through. The one thing you can always do is pray.

I like Tyra Banks more than I do Oprah Winfrey. Though I dislike the same thing about both of them. That just illustrates how your appearance can open doors for you. Not that Oprah is ugly or anything, just not as pretty as Tyra. If you look like a booger bear, it's going to be harder to build an audience. Unless of course your message is detrimental to those who listen. I mainly just like to look at Tyra herself, she sure is sexy. Though I seldom agree with her positions or views. In all the times I've seen both of them on camera, I've never heard either of them say anything about their belief. They take every chance they can to name drop, and kiss somebody's behind. Oprah making sure white women feel enpowered, and Tyra pretending homosexuality is okay. To listen to either of them talk, it seems to be all about them and their worldly circle of friends. Ms. Purvis didn't come across that way. I was very impressed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed none of those clowns called talking about Louis Farakahn and his teaching.

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