Saturday, February 16, 2008

Men, Don't Turn Your Back

To bad Tina Turner didn't remain in Tennessee, she could have killed Ike and never missed a beat. A man's life doesn't have much value these days, especially if his mate accuses him of spousal abuse. Tina had one thing none of these women have had lately. She meets the burden of undeniable proof. She had been hit in public and had the scars to prove her victimization. Monique Johnson was found guilty of reckless endangerment, for the shooting of her boyfriend Tony Hayes. Though she was the one keying his car. I knew she wouldn't be sentenced to death, but at least I thought she would be locked up for a while. She could be released the same day she goes to court for sentencing. The charge only carries 2 to 4 years at the most. The extent of her incarceration could end up being her time already served in jail. Like I said when Mary Winkler received her verdict. " This chick got away with murder."

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I just wanted to add this because I think it played a part in the jury's decision. Take a look at Monique Johnson the woman. Even after being locked up for over a year, she still looks pretty good. The jury was made up of five men and seven women. I don't even know how old they were. But supposedly they were a jury of her peers. In addition to believing she was a victim of the battered woman's syndrome. I bet they all thought she was an above average looking female. As I watched the victim's family after the verdict was read, I couldn't help but feel their pain. I bet someone told him," this pretty woman is going to be the death of you." The jury was looking at this woman, and they couldn't see her stalking him. Inn spite of evidence to prove otherwise. She made them think it was the other way around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This piece makes Tony Hayes appear as innocent and pure as the driven snow. It's the character evidence that came out against him which made Johnson's story believable.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Common said...


You are absolutely right. That's why I made it a point not to talk about him that much. I was going to blog about his indicretions as well as some other officers later. Whose off duty behavior ultimately resulted in their deaths.

Having said that, it still doesn't make the actions of the other side any better. She didn't have to stay with a man beating on her. Monique Johnson just like Mary Winkler, got away with murder.

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always easier for you to say she could have left, but until you are in that situation, you can't say what you would have done. Stop judging and reflect on your life or the life of someone you know that has been in a situation like this. Since this story is being made so "big", why hasn't it been on Nancy Grace or some other news station that report facts. If Tony Hayes was not a police officer, you would not have seen a glimpse of this story on tv.

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Blogger Common said...

It is easy for me to say, "that's what she should've done." That's all you really can tell them anyway. I think it is you who is judging here. How do you know where I'm coming from? That's the advice I would give my daughter, mother or my sister. A joker might hit you once, sometimes arguments get out of hand. But after that it's up to you. It didn't get to the point of you having to shoot him four times in the back, just like that. You've been fighting for a while. Why do the same women get the men that fight?

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Blogger Common said...

Ex-jailer returns to jail after judge revokes probation
By Lawrence Buser (Contact), Memphis Commercial Appeal
Thursday, June 26, 2008

A judge today revoked the probation of a former deputy jailer convicted earlier this year of killing her boyfriend, a Memphis police officer.

Monique Johnson, 39, received a four-year suspended sentence in March, but she failed to abide by court-ordered conditions such as undergoing counseling, finding a job, paying court costs and other requirements.

She was charged with first-degree murder for shooting officer Tony Hayes, 37, six times in 2006 in her home in Cordova.

A jury, however, convicted her in February of a reduced charge of reckless homicide after she claimed Hayes was abusive and that she killed him in self defense.

Criminal Court Judge Paula Skahan placed her on probation in March and ordered her to seek counseling because of her violent behavior and because of her history of bad relationships with men.

State prosecutor Dean DeCandia said that of a list of 58 job leads had been given to her and that Johnson should have been able to fine some type of employment if she had tried.

Johnson, who had been in custody 18 months before her release in March, has about 30 months left on her four-year sentence.

7:22 PM  

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