Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obama - Clinton = McCain

I was watching Senator Obama in an interview he was doing with Tavis Smiley. This was the first time I saw him on what I thought was even footing. Usually the setup is swayed either for or against him. Hillary Clinton was on the same show just before he was. I sort of felt sorry for him, because only at that moment I understood his unenviable position. He has to try and please everyone. A black man is not allowed to have a solid set of values and principles. He can't just pick a side and stay there. If you suggest personal responsibility. Blacks consider you a sell-out. They expect a black president to do something specifically for blacks. If that were to happen, whites would consider him a racist. Every move he makes is going to be looked at under the microscope. Just like he is promising everyone something now. Whatever he does that pleases some voters, is going to make others mad. You can't take a stand on immigration, for fear of upsetting the Hispanics. You have to be against the war, even though your supporters aren't enlisting. We all want to be rich, but that's unrealistic. If either of them is elected. He or she will do it without my vote, I don't support either of them. Having said that, if by chance a Democrat wins. I would support Obama.

I have said from the beginning, either Obama or Clinton receiving the Democratic nomination only assure us of another Republican president. That was looking less and less likely. Until the Democratic front runners started after each other. The Republicans have been split over getting behind John McCain, but lately that has changed. Thanks to the "New York Times" bringing up a four year old rumor. They may have given John McCain's lifeless campaign the jolt it needs. The Democrats have enough drama of their own. For some reason the media refuses to ask Mr. Obama the serious questions. It seems nobody wants to be perceived as being the one that's picking on the black man. This politically correct atmosphere has allowed this man to almost secure the nomination. It's a do or die situation for Mrs. Clinton. She's not but a state or two away from being out of this thing. He may as well start getting used to answering those tough questions. Believe me, the Republicans have plenty.

The one who benefits from all this the most is John McCain. I believe if Hillary Clinton loses. Some of her supporters will switch over to John McCain. Him and Hillary Clinton are closer together, than they are apart. Michelle Obama has already said she wouldn't support anyone but her husband. So if Barack doesn't win that means she won't be voting. I think she represent a lot of his supporters. Either way there's going to be a party split. Barack Obama minus Hillary Clinton equals John McCain.


Blogger Common said...

Hillary is awfully quiet since she lost. Could it have something to do with his people not wanting to pay her debt?

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama + Clinton = Obama.

6:26 PM  
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