Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He Fell Even Lower

I heard Myron Lowery on the "Ben Ferguson Show" this morning, and I got a painful reminder. The eastern part of the city as he calls it, have a operative on the other side. I understand the need for unity, but the respective areas have different issues and concerns. Myron Lowery never directly answers a question. He just dances around and makes generalizations, never taking a definitive stand on anything. If he wasn't going to speak out one way or the other. Why did he come on Ben Ferguson's show anyway? It's very clear Ben Ferguson is anti- Herenton, Lipscomb and Bass Pro. He criticizes anything they come up with. Coming on WREC being a sound board for the haters doesn't impress me as being responsive . His constituents don't listen to that station as a whole. Why doesn't he make more of these question and answer sessions on WDIA? He has spent his whole career working with Robert Lipscomb in one capacity or the other. He should have some idea of the man's character and integrity by now.

I called and asked him a question like I did before. No matter how I broke it down, he claimed he didn't comphrehend. He finally directed me to the city council's office. As though it was me who didn't understand. They answered it with no problem. Then I remembered our last telephone discussion. He didn't really answer any questions then. I think the problem was; he was anticipating what I might ask him next. The city council staff shouldn't be able to answer any questions the councilman can't answer themselves. But they were.

Little has changed in a year: