Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At Least We Get Something

I didn't know about this new rule that Marcus Anderson and Robert Dozier are taking advantage of in the upcoming draft. Chris Douglas Roberts probably should have done the same thing too. He might not get a guaranteed contract like Derrick Rose. Which would make his decision to go early a mistake. Some scouts think he would've improved his standing by waiting until next year. I tend to agree with them. I don't think he's ready. The only hardship players that I've ever seen contribute to any program right away are Lebron James and Thaddeus Young. He's the man now, but it was several years before even Kevin Garnett became a factor. By the time these young players make a difference. They could have gone to college, developed their skills, and received an education.

Marcus Anderson and Robert Dozier went with John Calipari's blessings. Them leaving the team, would further take him off the hook. Just another excuse in case they lose next year. I don't blame the players for taking advantage of the new rule, but it's not a good thing for college basketball. Building consistent competitive basketball teams is a thing of the past. Never again will we see the likes of a UCLA or a North Carolina. It will become like the "Streetball" tryouts. Looking for the next Hotsauce, Professor or Escalade. Just somebody to hype the crowds. No regard for graduation and fundamentals of the game itself. Not even the ability to hit a freethrow. Let alone character building. Something many of these young men desperately need. For a top flight recruiter like John Calipari. Notice I said recruiter and not coach. This is like a dream come true. But it's a nightmare for the team itself. John Calipari can tout his track record of prior players that have gone pro, and television exposure as enticements to recruits. Any young man with dreams of being in the NBA. Will gobble that up whole. Depending on how you look at it. It goes both ways. If you take the attitude of all or nothing. At best we get to watch them for a year. The worst case scenario is, they could be going somewhere else. This way at least we get something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Andre Anderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts will be a great pro!

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