Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Were All My Friends

I have watched this singing group all my life. When I was a child they were like the local version of a "Jagged Edge" for lack of a better comparison. Of course they operate in different musical genres, but that's the closest thing to a quartet, I can come up with now. They don't have successful singing groups like the "Soul Children" anymore. They had the custom made suits, the fancy cars and the whole nine yards. In those days Stax recording studio was like a Memphis Motown. With all the talent that came through that place. Makes you wonder, how could they have possibly closed those doors?

Today I think I got my answer. What you don't know can definitely hurt you. Especially if it has to do with your ability to understand what is written. If you don't understand things yourself. You better have someone you can trust, looking out for your best interest. If not, those who can will take advantage of you. I once heard J. Blackfoot say, he didn't make a dime of the song "Taxi." How could that possibly happen? That was the most popular song of his whole career. He should still be sitting pretty after recording that song. He didn't make any money but somebody did.

A caller asked "what high school did they graduate from?" That's a common question for people once it's revealed they're from Memphis. Everybody that grew up in that era either went to Manassas or Booker T. Washington. Without thinking J. Blackfoot said Porter junior high, and the others didn't say anything. Since they were from Memphis, if they were high school graduates. They should have said something familiar. I think J. Blackfoot is a real nice guy, and always has a smile on his face. Unlike one of his hit songs. Someone took his kindness for weakness, and figured him just right. He is one heckuva singer, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Since he now has so many friends who claim to have known him then. Where were all his friends?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is basically singing for his supper.

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