Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Only In Memphis

How can John McCain coming to Memphis last week, be considered as playing politics? When you consider all the candidates still involved. He had the least to gain by coming here. No one expected him to show up anyway. Then in the same breath, Barack Obama not showing up, be excused as him keeping his word ? The anniversary of Martin Luther King's death didn't come up last month. He should have scheduled it like the others. His absence was motivated by his desire to distance himself from black events. The same primary he is running in next week, Hillary Clinton is too. With her being behind in popular votes. It would seem it would be more important that she be there than him. Looks like she needs the votes more than he does.

Back to the reason I wrote the blog to begin with. I was put off by the crowd's reaction to John McCain. I didn't expect to hear cheers for him considering his party. But it would have been nice for them to be at least cordial. The only whites that were in attendance was McCain and his secret service. I would hate the next President's only memory of Memphis to be. A group of blacks booing him at the "Civil Rights Museum."


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