Friday, April 04, 2008

You Can Never Repay Your Father

This is like the Memphis version of " Meet the Browns." If Joey Dorsey comes into a big contract. He should break his father off something, just on the strength. The strength of the seed, that is.... He should not burden himself with trying to get revenge for what has already happened between his parents. He will spend more time and money in the end, than it would cost to give something to his father now. If his mother didn't get child support all these years, it's her fault anyway. As far as Joey goes, he has been blessed to make a difference in his family. We're putting the cart before the horse. Joey Dorsey hasn't even got the money yet.

We don't even know what happened. This mother could have been the problem here. It didn't prevent her from getting married and having another child soon after he left. It could have been her early on that didn't want him around. According to her own admission. She was overprotective of her two children. Even he mentioned some cousins who dropped out of school who he wanted to hang with. It was to his advantage for someone not to be around. Based on the story she hasn't been a barrier between the two of them getting together. It's good to know the mother isn't agitating this situation. It sounds like she doesn't think like a lot of other single mothers. They look for the first opportunity to slight the father. Which leads to another wasted generation.

Don't get it twisted. You are a blessed, to be a blessing to somebody else. If it wasn't for the seed of the father in the first place. None of this would even be happening. When Dorsey saw his father for the first time since he was a baby. He said it was like looking in the mirror. We're not talking about someone who abused or mistreated a child. He just wasn't in the picture. Wherever you go. You still came from the same place. You can never repay your father.


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