Monday, March 31, 2008

The More I Listen, The Less I Like

At one time I was real impressed with the young, Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson. I thought he was smart beyond his years and sincerely concerned with the truth. I thought he offered somewhat of a different perspective on local problems and politics. I optimistically thought and hoped he would provide a balanced approach to an age old problem in this town. Since he obviously appeals to a diverse and informed audience. I thought we finally had a venue for open and honest discussion. As time has gone on that perception has consequently changed. He is just another disgruntled white man who has a problem with the present black leadership. Once he had Carol Chumney on his show. I should have known he was suspect then. When he got on the phone during the break, and tried to get me to go along with what he was saying. Needless to say I didn't get on the air until that guest was gone.

I still think this guy is pretty smart all things considered. I'm just not so sure he's concerned with the truth as it were. He gave Steve Cohen one of the most soft shoe interviews I've ever heard him give since I've been listening. I also heard him give a walk in the park to former Councilman Tom Marshall, when he came on his show defending one of his controversial votes. This guy is on fire as long as the scandal is about certain people. That fire dies down as soon as it gets close to home. Especially if the person happens to grant an interview. As I listened to him back peddle in regards to Steve Cohen. Then I thought to myself. Mr. Ferguson is just employing the same tactics as another local talk show host.

I guess you wonder what all this has to do with David Duke? This guy "David Duke" just popped up in my mind all of a sudden. These men sound an awful lot alike. One is just more direct than the other. David Duke toned his message down to the point of being acceptable to the mainstream. Ben Ferguson sounds the same, just more watered down. Listen at them or look at their messages closely and see what you think.


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