Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Operation Save The Citizens

Even with another chance to give her positions, Carol Chumney is still making the same mistakes she did during the mayoral election. Instead of telling us what she proposes to do herself, she spends all her time attacking the Mayor and his policies. It's obvious that the people of Memphis chose Willie Herenton over her. Give it up and move along it's over. She actually believes there are enough voters in Memphis that are so displeased with Herenton they would vote her in to take his place. Though she is a female, she just might have the biggest gonads in the contest. Which may prove to be her nemesis.She should take this opportunity to be the bigger person. In her attempt to pull the cover off of him.The one getting the short end of the stick is her.

Herman Morris knows not to get involved in a brawl with the mayor. He is one who knows for sure whether or not the charges against him are true. I've noticed Herman Morris doesn't make a lot of empty promises. So if elected he won't owe favors to a whole lot of people who got him elected. If you are one of those few he owes favors to, that's not a bad thing. My concern is for those he doesn't. I think his base of support lies in those who took the money and ran. I am a conservative, so on a lot of things we agree. He is registered as a democrat, but I think his views are republican. I think all college professors and lawyers are liberal by trade. There are things in this life you cannot acquire without going through them. Herman Morris is a lawyer. What do you think?



Blogger Kelvin Oliver said...

I think these people may want to run for mayor if Herenton decides to resign and go for the schools. Then again, he may just keep stay where he is at if he can't take over the schools. My friend asked me if Herenton wants to corrupt the schools. I told him I could not answer that because of his good credit of the past and the schools are already in bad shape.

Who knows what will happen next. We can only wait until the media exposes the outcomes.

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