Monday, March 17, 2008

Deer In The Headlights

You don't have to stick your hand in the fire to know the flame is hot. I heard a man today who said he was a Christian and also an officer at his church. Who said he felt betrayed because he didn't get support from his pastor. Because he didn't support Barack Obama for president. Needless to say this man was black. He said he confided in his pastor his reasons for not supporting Sen. Obama. He didn't say exactly what they were. I can just imagine some of them. Instead of advising him to pray about his decision or trying to convince him otherwise. His pastor came back with some lame excuse about "he wasn't educated enough, well connected enough or rich enough to really make a difference. Therefore he should just be quiet about his beliefs and join the crowd." I think that was the wrong thing for a man of God to say.

I felt his pain, to a degree. Until most people get to know me. I get that same vibe. Black preachers for the most part are sold out on Barack Obama. There is a hidden covetness they have when it comes to him. Privately most of them envy his oratory skills and ability to move a crowd. Can you imagine power like that as an evangelist. We haven't seen the likes since Martin Luther King. Me and my pastor don't agree about this issue either. He would never say what that mans pastor said to me directly though. Even if he felt that way. That has nothing to do with spiritual correction, and that would just be rude. If he did, at that point he would no longer be my sheperd. He could no longer teach me anything. Nobody's opinion is above the word of God. He is no respector of persons. Despite what far to many people would have you think. That's the attitude of a lot of these intellectual black Obama supporters. As if you must have certain credentials to dispute anything they say. If you aren't a millionaire lawyer, with a couple of bestseller books. How dare you not vote for this man?

I see the same thing happening here as did with "Affirmative Action." Even before he is elected to office. The black intellectuals are posturing for position. Proping up to sell out the masses for the benefit of a few. Under the guise of helping them get their due. We created all of these services to accomodate all of these degrees we suddenly had. We invested in a generation who couldn't do anything but administrate.

I saw a picture the other day on the most dangerous animals. I was surprised to see that list included deer. We generally view deer as harmless victims. You don't imagine a deer attacking anyone. When you enter their space that's often not the case. Making the comparison of those deer to my people. It just made me more determined to express my views. Just because we were born who we are. We don't have to be like a deer in the headlights.


Blogger Common said...

I would love to be in an arena where my opinions could be heard and possibly better expressed. I'm running circles around all the political pondents on CNN and MSNBC who are getting paid big bucks for their opinions.I would love to get the credit for the impact of some of my predictions.

I'm sure Obama didn't read my site. But he certainly proved my point. Only thing is, he said it in reference to whites. They made him pay. I was exactly right about who his base was. His comments in PA. let the cat out of the bag early. It cost him the caucus.

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