Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Will Tell

The rumors have already started to circulate surrounding what happened last night. All we know at this point is Chris Jones has been charged with second degree murder for the death of David Munsey. And the attempted second degree murder of an unidentified 22 yr. old. Just because he is a deputy sheriff doesn't mean he used that as a means of intimidation. Obviously neither of these guys were intimidated. They were both arguing with him. He could have done it in the capacity of some hothead at a bar who drank too much. If some of the rumors I heard are true, it could have also been premeditated. In an unlikely scenario it could have been a case of self defense. I'm just not so sure he received preferential treatment. The evidence just supports those charges right now. Unlike so often in the case of Memphis crime. Several witnesses came forward with eyewitness accounts. Even though both the victim and shooter were white. People in the black community have already started to scream a conspiracy is at work. Just wait and see what happens. Time will tell.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is he receiving special treatment whem he's locked up?

4:23 PM  

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