Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Seed Has Already Been Planted

Geraldine Ferraro has been under fire for a comment she made about Barack Obama earlier this week. She made a statement that set everybody off, but actually it was true. I can't help but think some of these people may be living vicariously through Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Geraldine Ferraro must feel a sense of sisterhood with Hillary Clinton. Even to the point of feeling that she might be finishing what she herself started years ago. When she ran along with Walter Mondale as his vice-president. They make these meant to be damaging statements about the other side. Then they step down from their positions with the campaign they're working with. Leaving the damage they created behind.

It's not like Geraldine Ferraro is seeking support for any office. So she doesn't have to be careful with her every word. She said the same thing about Jesse Jackson when he was running. All of the Democratic strategist seem to think this will work against Hillary Clinton. I don't think it will though. Ms. Ferraro has been down this road before. She knows the effects of her statement and who it will incite. After this election is over, she knows it will be business as usual. This is a call from an outside source reminding blue collars and feminist who they're voting for. Even though the Clinton campaign is denying involvement. They have the most to gain. The seed has already been planted.


Blogger Common said...

Last week Geraldine Ferraro introduced the issue of race. This week Barack Obama is being raked over the coals for his association with his pastor.

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