Thursday, March 06, 2008

These Murders Are Gang Related

My predictions in this case are coming to pass one by one. My computer has been acting up, so I've been delayed in my postings. As soon as I saw these pictures the other day. I said this was gang related then. Today I read in the newspaper that Cecil Dotson has long been a member of the "Gangster Disciples", a street gang with growing numbers in Memphis. You can rest assured Hollis Seals was a gang member too. Marissa Williams is the only adult who doesn't have a criminal record. That's just a coincidence, not because of her innocence. As long as she has been with Cecil Dotson, she just hasn't got caught. They have four children and lived in the house together. I'm sure she was aware of everything he was doing.

The Dotson sister seems to already have an idea of what happened. Not to say she knows who did it, but she won't be surprised when the killer or killers are caught. She was first on the scene I heard. And when no one answered the door. She was the first to suggest calling the police. Yesterday while talking to a reporter. She got a call from her house, and there wasn't supposed to be anybody there. The police went to her house, and ended up gathering several bags of evidence. After granting what I thought were too many interviews. She is now in protective custody like the three children and other family members.


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Even though the murders have been confessed to by the brother. I think there will be more arrests forthcoming.

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