Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember This Face

I think before it's over you'll see this face again. It may take until this case goes to trial. Nonetheless, when it's over she will have played a part in this whole thing. Not that I think she had anything to do with the murders physically. It might be a case of what my grandmother would call "cloaking." Helping you along in your mess. If nothing more, I think she was an accessory after the fact. She knew who the killer was before everyone else did.I would bet immediately after he committed the murders he went to her house in Goodwill Village.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mother convinced Cecil not to follow through.

Memphis police standby a decision not to arrest murder suspect Jesse Dotson, months before he allegedly killed six people. In January, Dotson's brother Cecil told police his brother robbed and threatened him with a gun. But Memphis police say when they lost their witness, they lost their case.

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